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The Open Door Project

"at the heart of the community with the community at heart"

a message from Rev. Howard Long



The Methodist Church has been at the very heart of the Mumbles community since the early 19th Century. Today it is a thriving church with a vision for the future.

Dear Friend,
I love the story in the Gospel where Jesus feeds the large hungry crowd. He performs this miracle because a young boy is prepared to share his own five barley loaves and two small fish to help the desperate situation. He doesn't keep what he has and only look after himself as many would do, instead, he places it in the hands of Jesus and God does a marvelous thing. The whole point of this story for me is that little is much in the hands of Jesus and that God can do great things if we allow him to.

John Wesley's ministry was such a success because he saw where God's Spirit was moving and he geared his evangelism to it. Even though he encountered opposition he knew the church has to do things differently in order to reach people. The church of the 21st century is likewise challenged.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, said, "The Church must get it's act together and provide ministry seven days a week, if we don't, we will fail people. Give the Church back to the people in a way we haven't done for hundreds of years. If the community can use the church, we can save some of our most ancient buildings, or they will become redundant and die"

I believe God can do great things with Mumbles Methodist Church if we allow him to. The key is whether we are willing to respond to the movement of God's Spirit and are prepared to place the little we have into the hands of Jesus.

Below you will find extracts and pictures from The Open Door appeal brochure, which explains the project in detail, and the fact that we need to raise a massive amount to make this happen. We hope to do this with the help of other funding partners. The Methodist Church Property Committee has kindly promised us £108,000 and the Swansea Methodist Circuit £10,000. We are preparing a Heritage Lottery Bid for £250,000 and are appealing for a further £52,000 from Charitable Trusts.

We therefore need to raise £180,000 locally. We can do this by direct giving and fundraising. Whatever you can give to help reach the target will be a tremendous help and remember, if you are a taxpayer the church can reclaim the tax and so increase your gift. We hope you will support the fundraising, but if you want to give directly please print out the form at the bottom of the page and sent it with your donation to the address on the form.

Yours sincerely
Howard Long


No book detailing the history of Mumbles would be complete without giving some reference to the Methodist Church, because of its prominent position in our village and the important part it as played in the life of the community throughout the years.

The last fifteen years have seen considerable growth with more and more people becoming involved in the work and witness of the Church. We are working with well over one hundred young people a week through our 'Top Spot', '711', Parent & Toddler and 'Comet Club' initiatives. The Tuesday Day-Centre for the elderly and housebound, and our 'Pop-In' Centre are just some of the activities in which we are involved.

The Open Door Project will give us the extra space we need to expand these activities and develop new initiatives for the benefit of everyone.

The present building, which is the third on the site, was built in 1877 and is listed. We intend to restore the exterior stonework of the building and refashion the interior by putting in a second floor.

The upper level sees a brand new re-modelled worship area, which will also serve as a local concert venue for choirs and music groups.

The ground floor level will be used in a number of ways. The new home for the Mumbles Tourist Information Centre will be in our building alongside an improved 'Pop-In'.

Other users will include our local Development Trust and the West Glamorgan Council for Drug and Alcohol Abuse to run an advice centre in the village. We will have a larger, purpose built youth facility, where local churches will work together for the youth of the community. The priority of the Church is that it is open to all people and that will include full access for the disabled.

Through the Open Door Project the Methodist Church will play its part in the regeneration of Mumbles and will enable the church to be open seven days a week, for all people to use its services.

This 'vision' can become a reality through local people getting involved as much as possible. A massive amount of money needs to be raised and we can do this with your support.(Details are available at the back of this brochure). Please support future fund raising events and do remember the Church in your prayers.

I hope the Open Door Project will show to the people of Mumbles that the Church at the heart of the community has the community at heart.

An architects impression of how the Church will look when it is finished   The vision - an architects impression of how the new church will look, viewed from the upper level.

As you can see from the impression, we will provide a modern, comfortable 21st Century interior, whilst retaining as many of the original features as possible.
The new floor will give us an extra 300 square metres of space to develop our work in the community.

Upper Floor Level

  • Worship area
  • Music and choir concert venue
  • Dance and drama group
  • Exhibition space for local artists



Ground Floor Level

  • Coffee bar
  • A pop-in centre supporting local charities
  • Mumbles tourist information centre
  • Youth clubs
  • Parent and toddler soft play
  • Mumbles Development Trust
  • Drug and alcohol awareness project
  • Woman's Guild
  • Prayer group
  • The Comet Club for kids
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